Photos of finished Mural: ¡Cultura Con Azucar!

After a month of long painting days, Los Muralistas de El Puente spent their last days on the wall last week at the Domino site. The mural, commissioned by Two Trees development company, reflects the culture, history and people of Los Sures (Southside of Williamsburg), incorporating portraits of community members and quotations from residents sharing their memories and dreams for the Southside.

Come by ¡Cultura Con Azucar! this week to experience the finished mural!

Stay tuned for details on the mural dedication in September.

Photos by Joe Matunis, Director/Founder of Los Muralistas de El Puente

m 1.jpg

m 3.jpg

Portraits of community members Frankie Ortiz, Sylvia Hernandez and Miguel Hernandez

m 6.jpg

Middle section of ¡Cultura Con Azucar! with the Domino Refinery in the background.

m 13.jpg

m 12.jpg

Los Muralistas.jpg

Los Muralistas pose in front of the finished mural.

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